Vision and capabilities

Our vision is to identify the development potential in infrastructure, mining and energy projects, property and urban planning, and bring that vision to realization while maximizing returns for shareholders and partners. This encompasses every stage of the project from first concept to design, environmental impact assessment, community consultation, planning and permits, financing, procurement and project management.


Strategic consulting

The ability to work with boards, senior executives, government decision makers, regulators, financial institutions, community groups and other key stakeholders—both within Australia and internationally.


The ability to access and partner capital from multiple sources to deliver project outcomes. Sharing knowledge and core capabilities increases the competitiveness and value of services offered for every project.


The ability to source and structure the required capital for each project including financial analysis to assess appropriate levels of debt and equity.


Our strategy is built on the diversity of our Operating Companies—our various geographies, our markets and services. We take our core competencies to select markets and deliver projects and value-added services for clients through our diversity, empowered people and financial strength.

Diversification is fundamental to our business model. It acts to moderate the effects of cyclical downturns in certain markets and allows the Group to redeploy its resources to other markets.

Diversification is not just about exporting core competencies to new markets. It’s also about extending into related markets as value-adding opportunities arise.

Risk Management

The recognition and management of risk is embedded in all activities of the Delmo Group and is a core part of the Group’s culture.

The Group’s exposure to risk stems from its broad and evolving business risk profile, which covers areas including operations, safety, reputation, regulation, contract, human resources, finance, information and strategy.

It is essential that the Group’s risk management and control framework evolves to address anticipated changes to the Group’s risk profile, as well as to respond to any issues which may emerge.


Sustainability is the integration of environmental, social and governance factors into our decision making to create short and long term shareholder value.

The sustainability of our operations has a direct influence on our future. As a result, our Operating Companies have long pursued sustainability strategies and prepared sustainability reports for employees and stakeholders.

The Delmo Group’s business is founded upon diversity, financial strength and people. Working in unison, these three elements are key to our success.