Mineral Exploration - Argentina

The Delmo Group has recently identified greenfield areas within Argentina that are highly geologically prospective but as yet remain unexplored.

Establishing Pampas Resources together with Australian investment partners, the company has acquired ten copper and gold tenements in the Province of Salta, Argentina, representing a total area of over 56,000 hectares. Exploration will involve the identification, prioritisation and testing of geological, geochemical and geophysical targets. Given the low level of exploration within Argentina, the probability of identifying successful projects is very high.

With the best Argentine geological resources at its disposal, Pampas Resources will not only apply traditional geological and geophysical exploration methods, but also cutting edge technology such as ElectroMagnetic (EM) and Controlled Source ElectroMagnetic (CSEM) methods.

The company’s focus is to combine both Australian and local Argentine technical skills and knowledge in the exploration and evaluation process, in order to produce efficient and cost effective results.