Parque Patricios - Buenos Aries

In 2009, the Buenos Aires Government announced the re-zoning of an area covering 200 square blocks, for the creation of an IT District. In 2011, the Government announced the Public Tender for the project.

With years of experience in large scale property development and a keen interest in the region, the Delmo Group presented a Master Plan for the development of the IT District. The plan involved consolidating the IT District to a limited number of blocks with easy access to parks and subway stations, and included a thorough revitalization of the entire area. Shortly afterwards, Delmo Group was awarded the tender.

Delmo Group’s Master Plan included:

  • Bringing the pedestrian boulevard, Calle Los Patos, to life. This all-important connective space provides a vital link between key site destinations such as the primary project building, Parque Patricios, the subway station, and other proposed facilities such as a Cultural Area and Amphitheatre. The boulevard will be expanded to 20m in width, with a total of 40m between buildings to enable the easy coexistence of pedestrian amenities with vehicular requirements such as parking and drop off zones. Over time, the street will be activated for public use through the introduction of cafes, restaurants and retail premises. The creation of the first IT Campus in Argentina, in conjunction with the Technological Institute of Buenos Aires and the University of El Salvador. The IT Campus is set to cover an area of 35,000sqm.

  • The restoration of the old Mercado de Huevos y Aves (Eggs and Poultry Market), an historic and significant 25,00sqm structure.

  • The new Data Center for the City of Buenos Aires.

  • The construction of a 20,000sqm underground car park, accommodating 400 cars.