About us

Founded in 1979, Delmo Group is one of Australia’s most respected property and infrastructure development firms.

The Delmo Group has a proven track record of undertaking complex, high profile development projects, finding unique solutions for all manner of environmental, political, social, financial and heritage issues, and carrying each project through to successful completion.

This work has been recognized with a host of national and international awards for excellence in waterfront development as well as outstanding urban design, eco-sustainability and heritage protection.

Recent years, however, have seen the Delmo Group expand its activities beyond property development in one market to include the pursuit of large-scale, diversified opportunities within the international arena—namely, in South America, with a particular emphasis on Argentina.

The demand for our services has been driven by the need to outsource property development and infrastructure capabilities in both the public and private sectors.

Given the company’s cultural links to South America, its broad network of contacts in government and business and the growth potential of the region, the Delmo Group is exploring further investment opportunities with local and international partners.

With this in mind, the company established a permanent office in Buenos Aires in 2005 to expand its Latin American operations.

Currently, the Delmo Group has companies operating in the following markets both in Australia and Argentina.

  • Rail & Port Infrastructure
  • Energy Infrastructure
  • Mineral Exploration
  • Property Development

“Delmo’s vision for the re-use of abandoned industrial sites provides a model for any modern, vibrant city to follow.”
David Rolls, Development Director, Lend lease.